Will my private health insurance company cover treatment at the Manly Foot Clinic?

All of the major private health funds recognise the clinic. Please call the centre for further information and guidance prior to calling your insurance company.

How much is a consultation and/or treatment?

Costs vary according to the practitioner and type of assessment. An initial consultation is $110.00 and $100.00 for a subsequent visit. Our podiatric surgeon, Mr. Ozan Amir, charges $230 for an initial consultation. Subsequent consultations with Ozan are $130.

Do I need to be referred by my GP?

A referral is not necessary. As your primary health care provider, we encourage referrals so to keep your GP in the loop regarding your foot health.

What does Routine Treatment include?

Routine Treatment including nail care, corns/callous.

What treatments do you use for Plantar Warts?

At the Manly Foot Clinic we utilize various treatments for plantar warts, including surgical excision. This can be carried out in our premises under local anaesthetic.

Does your clinic meet health & safety regulations?

The Manly Foot Clinic has onsite sterilisation and guarantees sterility of all instruments used for treatments, providing aseptic technique, ensuring delivery of a high clinical standard.

Do you offer specialised care to Diabetics?

Particular care is given to diabetic patients. Manly Foot Clinic provides thorough diabetes assessments resulting in providing treatment plans and education for the specialised care of the diabetic foot. Our podiatrists communicate with your GP, Endocrinologist and diabetic educators to collectively care for the condition and your specific needs.

Do you tailor your treatment plans depending on biomechanical conditions?

Biomechanical testing enables a detailed analysis of each component of your walking cycle. Catering individual strengthening, stretching and breaking techniques to support and improve lower limb problems.

What about nail surgery?

Often ingrown toenail problems will require surgical excision.  All the Manly Foot Clinic Podiatrists offer this treatment on site, without need for hospitalisation, under local anaesthesia, in a completely sterile environment.


Often symptoms associated with biomechanical malalignment are treated with the use of custom foot Orthotics. This device will restore a more efficient postural position, which in turn promotes and accelerates the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Children's Feet

The Manly Foot Clinic Podiatrists have a special interest in children’s feet, and have undergone additional training in this area. This includes various muscle testing techniques, the development of specific exercise plans, and in some cases the manufacture of various paediatric splinting appliances which may be necessary.

Manly Foot Clinic associates provide expert care, diagnosis and treatment of ankle and foot disorders for children, adults, and seniors. The Manly Foot Clinic has been serving the Northern Beaches since 1989.

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