Fungal Toenail

The most common cause of brittle yellowing nails is fungal infection. Fungi are dermatophytes that feed on nail keratin. These organisms propagate in a warm, dark and moist environment. There is no better place for nail fungus to reside and infect toenails than in shoes. Infected nails have yellowing or white spots on the nails. As the infection develops, nails will get thicker, further discolour and fracture. Progressive infection of additional nails is also very common.

For years, topical solutions were used to treat toenail fungus without much success, then oral medications were developed which had the same mediocre results and more side effects. Removal of toenail fungus using laser treatment is the newest technique to treat toenail fungus, and both Podiatrists and patients have been found to be very satisfied with the results.


Finally, a solution to getting rid of Fungal Toenail

Manly Foot Clinic is pleased to introduce you to a new in-office laser treatment for toenail fungus called the Fox Laser. The Fox Laser treats toenails discoloured and thickened by toenail fungus with a much higher success rate than traditional treatment methods. Laser treatment is virtually pain-free and patients can resume their normal activity within the day.